My hope is that we can make somethings just a little easier so you can focus on the good and beautiful throughout the day.  

Remember to always look for happiness

Being a mom is hard enough, being a mom of a child with Autism brings its own challenges.  Just know you are not alone.

To all the Moms, Dads, Caregivers and families, I hope to share the things I have learned along the way.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Notes from Milo's Mama

“If you get a formal diagnosis, please contact your State Resources office for help. We cant see into the future, but we can set them up services that will help your child when they are an adult”.

“We set up Milo for DD (developmental delay) Services that won’t be available until he is 21.  But currently, there is a 7yr wait list after approval to receive the funds.” – Milos Mama

I found this video extremely helpful. This is the video that opened my eyes to what I did not see.

“Autism can be a beautiful thing. It can open our eyes to things you would have taken for granted. The way that individuals with ASD experience and interact can be totally different from the “average Joe”. It also can be frustrating. But I choose to look at the positive.” – Milos Mama

“Milo started ABA in May of 2019. For him it was the best decision. Not all therapies offered are need for everyone on the spectrum. Make sure you get the best approach for what to do next from your diagnosing doctor. Also, make sure you do your research on how they conduct the therapy, not all places are the same. Some will be a better fit for your lifestyle and how you raise them. I am glad we found where we are” – Milos Mama

“Raising a child with autism is an enormous and often overwhelming task, but occupational therapy can help. Milo receives this at his ABA provider. He is toilet training and learning to play with others.” – Milos Mama

“Breathe, inhale, exhale. Remember you are doing your very best and you are amazing. When it comes to knowing next steps and what to do, how to take care of the educational side, it can be hard to know where to begin. I wish I would have know some of these things, and that’s why I share them with you. If you know someone who is apprehensive about talking to their doctor, tell them about this wonderful free service. It never hurts to get an evaluation. What does, not getting the help they need.” – Milos Mama